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Portable elevation stage and counter malaysia

ELEVATION is ideally suited for organizations such as Schools, Colleges, Local Government Councils, Clubs, Performance Ensembles and etc. The need for a raised upstage to suit any event or performance is easily achieved with ELEVATIONS compact, portable and modular design. Just simply place the required amount of modular platform together to form your stage.

When not is assembly, ELEVATIONs structure can fit into boxes sized 24.5cm * 24.5cm * 70cm, therefore, taking up minimum storage.


portable stage and counter malaysia
portable counter and stage malaysia

Plywood Base



Close Size

240mm(W) * 240mm(L) * 700mm(H)

Open Size

1000mm(W) * 1000mm(L) * 515mm(H)


portable counter and stage malaysia
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